Posted by: Kevin | September 5, 2007

Fun with Maps

Just want to point to this post at Sideways Menchen.  Hell, I’m going to steal the picture too:


That’s Iraq for those of you just waking up from a prolonged coma.  Click on it a couple of times to expand and take note of where Kuwait is.  Kuwait is where most of our supplies pass through on their way to our soldiers in Iraq.  now look north of Kuwait, that’s Basra.  Basra has been in the news lately because the British, who were in charge of it’s security, are now leaving.  Basra is also at the heart of an area of Iraq that is strongly Shiite and highly sympathetic to both Muqtada al Sadr and Iran.  Think of that while you listen to shitheads the administration talking about war with Iran.  If you think voluntarily pulling out is bad, wait till you see fleeing from Baghdad Airport and leaving billions of dollars of equipment behind. 


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