Posted by: Kevin | September 5, 2007

Stupid Media

On the heels of my last post about the media’s coverage of the 2000 election comes this:

48 percent of Americans in this ABC News “Good Morning America” poll said they’d rather have Clinton as their traveling companion on a drive across country, versus 39 percent who’d want Rudy Giuliani along for the ride.

Are.  You.  Fucking.  Shitting Me?!?!  Are we as a nation this stupid or is it that our media under-serving us this badly?  Who the fuck cares who would be a better driving companion.  My personal opinion is that they’d both be awful because they’re politicians.  Politicians talk too much, and if there’s one thing I cant stand on a long car ride, it’s someone who talks too much.  So fuck you ABC News, can we please talk about some real issues?

Hat Tip to Alien & Sedition



  1. Oh come on, you don’t enjoy Media Lite? I wonder whose tastes in fishing lures most agree with mine because THAT is who I am voting for. ughhhh

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