Posted by: Kevin | September 15, 2007

YouTube Censorship and Creationist Assholes

The Rational Response Squad is group dedicated to debunking the lies and misinformation spread by creationists.  By creationist, I’m not referring to the average person who believes in God and some kind of creation event.  I’m specifically referring to those who are actively promoting Creation “Science”, such as the Creation Science Evangelism Ministry founded by Kent Hovind.

Mr Hovind, who is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence for tax evasion, frequently did seminars where he argued in favor of Young Earth Creationism.  Those seminars were taped and widely disseminated at Hovind’s own request.  The tapes were not copyrighted.  This is where the Rational Response Squad stepped in.  They took those tapes and then added their own point by point rebuttals and posted them on YouTube. 

So where do the assholes and censorship come in?  So far we have a creationist expressing his views and encouraging the spread of those views in an efficient manner.  We have a clever response, also spread in an efficient manner.  Well, over the past several days YouTube has taken down all the videos by the Rational Response Squad and canceled their account.

YouTube did this because someone associated with the Creation Science Evangelism Ministry claimed that those videos contained copyright violations.  When someone claims a copyright violation, YouTube will always take the video down immediately, because false claims are considered a crime.  These claims by the CSE are false because the videos are not copyrighted, something Kent Hovind himself says ON THE VIDEOS.

This is disappointing and highlights the lie of calling Creationism a science.  If creationism was a science they wouldn’t need to resort to censorship every time they are challenged.  If it were a science, they would welcome the opportunity to engage in real debate and prove their ideas.  They would have put out their own counter arguments rather than call in the YouTube hit squad.  This move does more to discredit them than any video The Rational Response Squad could have made.

Ps. To the Rational Response guys and their supporters, I know you’re pissed and rightfully so, but I think your video response misses the mark.  You want your arguments and knowledge to go viral, not your childish music video, even if the tune is catchy.  Remember, the best thing you can wish on an opponent is enlightenment. 


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