Posted by: Kevin | October 8, 2007

In Case You’re Curious

I haven’t been writing much here lately for two reasons. 

1 – I’m busy.  In addition to the usual work grind, my wife and I are training for a couple of road races we’ll be running in the next few months.  The twins are back into speech therapy.  I’ve also started playing ice hockey again, which brings me great joy.  Once I shake off the rust I may even start bragging.

2 – The news depresses me.  The stench of corruption coming from the Bush administration and the Iraqi Occupation Authority has been so strong lately that I just haven’t had the strength of stomach to write about it.  I can boil my feelings down to this.  Whether your a fan of Democracy, Fascism, Communism, Theocracy or whatever, you should be offended by the cronyism and sheer lack of competence in the Bush Administration.  Unless you’re one of the select few making a mint off of the Iraq war, you’re getting screwed.  No ifs, ands or buts.  You are getting screwed, regardless of what your agenda is.

The Bush admin cant end fast enough for me.  Before it ends though, I want to ask something of everyone who initially supported Bush but has come to realize how wrong they were.  Fix this moment in your minds.  When Bush is gone and the partisan smokescreen starts up, don’t let yourself forget what happened when we choose style over substance.  Ignore the soft news stories and innuendos.  Past success has always been the best indicator of future results.


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