Posted by: Kevin | October 9, 2007


I occasionally read Captain’s Quarters because I like to know what people on the right are saying and because he usually comes across as not completely unreasonable.  To put it a different way, he seems to actually give a shit.  So, when I find myself disagreeing with him, I’ll at least take the time to try and understand his position.   Not so much in this case about illegally detained German citizen Khaled El-Masri.

Supremes To El-Masri: Tough Luck
The Supreme Court sent a message today about the use of American civil courts to attack war policy, and that message is not The Customer Is Always Right. Khaled el-Masri sued the US for what he claimed was an illegal detention and rendition that cost him five months in an Afghan jail, but the Supreme Court dismissed the case.

The Supreme Court dismissed the case of a man who was kidnapped for months, shipped to Afghanistan where he was beaten and tortured.  They dismissed it for reasons of “national security”.  What possible secrets this guy could give away are anyone’s guess.  The size of the batons used to hit him maybe?  It doesn’t matter though.  Once you say the words “national security” you’ve rung the bell for Pavlov’s dogs.

Seventy-five thousand doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but the US couldn’t allow Masri to set a precedent. The intel efforts would come to a standstill if every jihadi could file lawsuits against us for every slight, real or perceived.

A slight is another work for an insult.  This man wasn’t insulted, he was kidnapped and tortured.  He was taken because his name happened to be similar to that of an actual terrorist.  This shoddy police work resulted in severe and lasting damage to this guy’s life.  That’s not the kind of thing you dismiss with a “tough luck”.  Asshole.


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