Posted by: Kevin | October 19, 2007

Strange Things Happen When You Watch Good Television

I recently got my wife into Battlestar Galactica.  We’ve been catching up on the episodes that she’s missed and we’re now into season 2.5.  If you’re already a fan of the show then I need say nothing more.  For those of you holding out, this show is outstanding.  Please don’t judge it by the cheesy 80’s original.

Anyway, while watching season 2 with my wife I saw the episode “Valley of Darkness” for the first time and came across the following scene.  It’s my candidate for the best of the whole series thus far.

There are better more complete versions of this scene online but they get regularly pulled due to copyright violations.

The music playing in the background is a big reason why the scene stands out to me.  I decided I had to figure out where the music came from.  The composer is Philip Glass and the music is Metamorphosis 5 (or is it 1?), which I also found on Youtube.

I’m not sure there’s a point to this aside from posting some interesting (to me) youtube clips.  But I never would have heard of Philip Glass if his music hadn’t been a part of that scene and I wouldn’t have cared if the scene had sucked.  Instead I spent an hour looking online, found the above clips as well as this one:

and just for shits and grins I’ll post this one too:


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