Posted by: Kevin | October 25, 2007

A Fun Diversion

Under the gun a bit at work today so I’m limiting myself to mindless but entertaining trivia.  I was this on Pharyngula and it looked like fun.  These are some of the search terms that return this site as the first choice when plugged into google.  The first three and the last one get a steady stream of hits.  The 4th one I saw the other day and it made me laugh.

My Thinking Corner

Nazi Torture Tactics
I always imagine people plugging in those terms looking for some kind of torture porn high.  My actual post must be a tremendous disappointment.

My Wife Naked Blogs
Please note, there are no pictures, stories or accounts of my or your wife in any state of undress on this blog.  Honestly.

Scott Scanlon, a true Hero
Raise your hand if you know who Scott Scanlon is….loser.

The Big Bang a Jewish Conspiracy
Where do those damn Jews get off conspiring to start the universe?  Oh wait, that’s not what I was writing about at all.

If you want to read something intelligent you could always check out Memeorandom.  There you will find that Scott Beauchamp (who?) and some random kinda rude reporter are the most important things happening in the world right now.  Somewhat meaningless stories like the US moving closer to launching a war against Iran or Congress trying to reintroduce the Children’s Health Bill have been pushed to the bottom where they belong.



  1. Yeah, unless someone wants to give us a million bucks a la indecent proposal, I’m definitely not gonna get naked for your blog.

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