Posted by: Kevin | November 1, 2007

More Reasons to Like Chris Dodd

During the recent MSNBC debate moderated by Tim Russert, the candidates were asked whether they’d commit to getting the troops out of Iraq by 2013.  Note the year, it’s not 2009, it’s not 2010, it’s 2013 or more than 5 years from now.  Still, neither Clinton nor Obama would commit to an answer.  Dodd on the other hand, did.  From

Russert then turned to Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut and said flatly “I want to put you on the record. Will you pledge, as Commander-in-Chief, that you’ll have all troops out of Iraq by January of 2013?”

“I will get that done,” said Dodd firmly.

“You’ll get it done?” clarified Russert.

“Yes, I will, sir,” said Dodd.

Why is that so hard for Democratic candidates?  Seriously, if we cant accomplish what we need to by 2013, after being in the country for 10 years, then we aren’t ever going to accomplish what we want.  I think I can speak for the vast majority of Americans when I say I want to hear that the vast majority of the troops will be home soon.  And I don’t care what the Washington insiders say.  Those are the same clowns who said Iraq would be a cake walk.  Why does anyone listen to them?

The other reason to like Dodd, he seems to get that the constitution is pretty cool and we shouldn’t rush to gut it in the name of security.  Also from

In March of 2006, Dodd stood with Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) in filibustering the USA Patriot Act renewal

That took guts and I cant believe I missed it when it happened.  The Patriot Act is a case study in trading freedom for the illusion of security, dramatically increasing the power of the federal government at the expense of civil rights.  More information is available here, here and here

Chris Dodd is supposedly a poor public speaker and he is definitely not being taken seriously in this race.  That’s too bad because he has displayed significant leadership on several issues dear to me.  If he really does have no shot at the nomination then I can only hope his public and vocal stands on these issues will influence the platform of whoever does win the nomination. 

Hat tip to Shakesville


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