Posted by: Kevin | December 18, 2007

Getting My Bah Humbug On

It’s the holiday season, which means an endless bombardment of jewelry commercials.  The message in these commercials is all the same; “Guys, buy your wife/girlfriend something shiny and expensive or don’t expect to get any action this Christmas season.”  Car companies have been getting in on the act over the past few years as well.  Because there’s no better way to show someone you love them than to blow a year’s salary on an overpriced, rapidly depreciating asset.  It’s more than just bullshit, it’s offensive. 

The message to the ladies is “be simpering materialistic fools who demand gaudy babble in return for their affections.”  The message to the men is “love is for sale, the price is this car/ring/necklace/etc.”  The message to everyone is “you’re stupid”.  And you are stupid if you think love is measured in dollar signs and real affection is a commodity that can be traded.

So what got me on this rant.  This post from Pharyngula on the same topic.  I like this line especially.

Desirable women are too smart to be bought with flashy gee-gaws.

To which I hope most women would add, desirable men are too smart to try. 

Apparently PZ Myers and his wife will be buying each other a snowblower.  Given that they live in Minnesota, that’ll be a heck of a lot more useful than a diamond ring.  My wife and I are opting for a less practical, but still way more entertaining than jewelry, Wii.  As for the his and her Lexus, I’d rather have a profitable investment property thank you very much.

Updated:  I might be smart enough to avoid the flashy gee-gaws but I cant spell worth shit


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