Posted by: Kevin | January 9, 2008

How the Fuck is This Journalism?

Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?

 That’s the headline for Maureen Dowd’s latest round of bile in the New York Times.  The rest of the article is no better.  It’s basically a hatchet job, implying that Clinton momentarily losing her composure earlier this week was her playing the “damsel in distress card”.  So I want to ask Ms. Dowd, is your regard for voters in New Hampshire that small?  The rest of Hillary’s supports, do you think so little of them that they could be swayed by what was a minuscule display of emotion by Hillary Clinton?

I’m not a big fan of Clinton, I haven’t been a supporter.  But when I look at the bullshit she’s dealt with, simply by virtue of being a women.  I cant help but be impressed. 

Hat Tip to Memeorandum


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