Posted by: Kevin | February 5, 2008

Who I voted for

I was going to do this long, in depth post on what I thought of all the candidates and how I arrived at my voting decision.  Sadly, real life intervened and I haven’t had the time.  I voted two weeks ago in the South Carolina primary and I cast my vote for Barrack Obama.  Here’s why.

Chris Dodd was my first choice.  He’s been consistently right about Bush’s surveillance program and willing to take a stand on it.  He voted to de-fund the war in Iraq in order to bring the troops home.  I could wish that he didn’t vote to authorize the use of force in the first place but he did get taken in there, like so many others.  It was his willingness to filibuster the telecom immunity bill that impressed me the most.  He’s willing to actually do something.  Fortunately he’ll continue to get the chance in the Senate.

So with Dodd gone my choices were Clinton, Obama, Edwards or McCain.  Huckabee is a theocrat and Romney is an empty suit.  Thus, they weren’t options.  As for McCain, I like the fact that he has taken some unpopular stands in the past, but his pandering over the past 4 years has been too much.  The last straw was broken when he caved on torture.  We’re talking about a guy who actually was tortured and he’s willing to look past that in order to win the nomination.  Ridiculous.

So what about the Democrats?  Their stands on various issues are really too close to distinguish.  So it came down to gut feel.  I ruled out Edwards because I can,t escape the impression that’s he’s a little too far to the left.  I worry that his first and only instinct would be to reach for government solutions to the issues he campaigned on.  Too much government is just as big a problem as too little. 

Lastly, and this isn’t fair to Edwards, he was running against a black man and a women respectively.  In my opinion, this country needs leadership from a demographic group other than old male WASPs.  If Clinton and Obama sucked that wouldn’t have been enough, but in a close decision it made a difference.

Why not Clinton then?  She’s effective, she gets the job done, etc. etc.  It’s all true too.  She is effective, almost too effective.  The past 7 years have seen one power grab after another by the executive branch.  I simply cannot see Clinton reversing that trend.  She’s capable, she’s strong willed and she’d know how to use that power but I don’t want anyone to use that power.  I want it taken away. 

Maybe we’re too late for that and stuck with the Unitary executive, several steps too close to dictatorship in my opinion.  In Obama, I see someone who could take a step back from the brink, in Clinton I do not.  So he got my vote and with any luck he’ll get it again in November.


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