Posted by: Kevin | February 13, 2008

Great Moments in Police Assholery

It was Frederick the Great who once said of his grandfather, “he was small in great things and great in small things.”  I love that quote and think it can be applied to the police officer below.  Is he protecting his community, fighting crime and making the world a better place?  Not so much, but holy crap, can this guy hassle a teenager.

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That is the real beauty of the internet right there.  Before the days of youtube, nothing would have happened to this asshole.  He hassled some kids and kids are powerless.  If you think this is an isolated incident, go ask a minority.  They’ve been dealing with this shit for years.

The kid’s mom actually tried to file a report after the incident and was ignored.  It wasn’t until this video showed up and found its way into the hands of a reporter that the police department decided an investigation was needed. 

Here’s another example of the same phenomenon.  Police in Florida dump a quadriplegic guy from his wheelchair and one of them thinks it’s a real hoot.  No investigation until the video finds its way to the internet.

The significance of this isn’t lost on the police.  They’re doing some real soul searching and are attempting to amend their ways in light of these videos. using wiretapping laws to arrest people who record police officers.  Remember people, the government can monitor you, you can’t monitor the government.  After all, if we increase the accountability of police officers, the terrorists skateboarders win. 

The Agitator has been on this issue for a long time now and is a good read.  BTW, I know this isn’t all cops doing this.  However a significant minority (at least I hope it’s a minority) seem to join the force specifically for the power trip.  It’s not healthy for society and it doesn’t help the good cops do their job.

Hat tip to Balloon Juice


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