Posted by: Kevin | February 16, 2008

I Cant Understand the Stupidity

I don’t generally comment on the big tragedies that don’t affect me personally.  It feels cheap, like I’m piling on for the sake of piling on.  So I wasn’t going to write about the school shooting in NIU.  Then I had the miss fortune to read this:

In a recent post about the campus shooting at Northern Illinois University one reader, who lives near the campus, posted this:

I am discouraged that no one took their books, laptops, anything and just threw it at the guy, no one fought back.  It’s that passivity that troubles me.

That’s a great point.  It seems that far too often modern Americans have an instinct to cower or run away when threatened instead of fighting back. 

This is what those students were faced with:

At approximately 3:06 pm CST, Random Dead Lunatic* entered a large auditorium-style lecture hall in Cole Hall with 150 to 200 students. The door he used led directly to the stage in front of the classroom where he stood and fired into the crowd of students with a shotgun and three handguns.

This guy entered the classroom and started blasting away with a shotgun.  He was on a stage, meaning he had a tremendous advantage over anyone crazy enough to try and rush him.

A total of 22 people were shot; six people are confirmed dead, including the perpetrator, who shot himself before police arrived.  One witness reported that at least 30 shots were fired by the gunman; police later collected 48 shell casings and 6 shotgun shells.

That kind of fire power would have put trained soldiers in a bad way, never mind unarmed college students.  Yet these kids were supposed to throw laptops at the shooter before getting shot?  All so commando keyboardist can feel better about America’s manhood  Seriously, fuck you Ron of Pajama’s Media.  May you never have to endure the terror those poor kids experienced.  To those who didn’t make it out of that classroom alive, may you rest in peace.

* It’s my policy never to name the individuals who commits these acts.  Let not their unearned fame inspire the next madman.  Let them enter into eternity as nameless and faceless. 



  1. He also had the advantage of being on higher ground which would have allowed him a greater choice of targets which means he could have been able to herd the crowd with gunfire.

    Additionally if said laptop would have had to clear an orchestra pit the odds of it doing anything to anyone are zero.

    Its a pointless argument made by an armchair hero.

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