Posted by: Kevin | February 28, 2008

Dear New York Times

Please stop with the pathetic innuendos on John McCain.  Not only are they not very effective, they will help rally the conservatives around a candidate they don’t like because he’s getting picked on by the “liberal media”.

Seriously, who is asking whether John McCain is eligible to be president?  You are, that’s who.  I read a lot of blogs and I didn’t see that question tossed around until you started tossing it.  Any Democratic candidate would be insane to mount a legal challenge to his candidacy on those grounds.  It would be a kick in the nuts to any military family serving over seas.

As for your story last week on McCain’s “Self-Confidence on Ethics” it was garbage.  It was little more than an excuse to say that maybe there’s a slim change that McCain might have had an affair with a lobbyist.  That’s it, nothing else of real substance in the whole goddamn article.

If you find actual wrong doing then lets hear about it.  If there’s real evidence of scandal, then have at it.  But this shadowy innuendo bullshit needs to stop.  You’re supposed to be the leading newspaper in this country.  Act like it.


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