Posted by: Kevin | March 4, 2008

Thanks to Him, We’re all Nerds Now

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax passed away today at age 69.  There are about eleventy-one different jokes I could make about this fact but in an attempt at class, I’m going to limit myself to this haiku posted at Balloon Juice.

Death attacks Gygax.
Gygax misses saving throw.
Gary Gygax dies.

I breifly played dungeons and dragons in middle school.  My older brother was into it and a little of it rubbed off on me.  I didn’t stick with it very long and eventually gave it up to focus on pursuits more likely to impress females (my days playing the trombone ended in similar fashion) but it was fun while it lasted. 

Years later, I was sharing an apartment with that same brother and he picked up Baldur’s Gate.  That game, which brought computer role-playing games out of the closet, got me hooked.  Then there was Diablo which helped popularize massively multiplayer on-line rollplaying games (MMORG).  Both of those games and their successors owe a tremendous debt to Gygax.  The fact that literally 10’s of millions of people are playing online games featuring elves and dwaves and magic users is due in large part to universe Gary Gygax helped create.

Hat tip to Balloon Juice


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