Posted by: Kevin | June 26, 2008

Epic Fail from Obama

Yesterday the motion to close debate on the FISA bill was passed 80 to 15.  The bill contains retroactive immunity for the telecoms which provided phone records illegally to the Bush administration.  Not only was Obama absent, but he actually threw his support behind the bill.  This was a departure from his promise months ago to support the filibuster of any FISA bill which contained retroactive immunity. 

The bill will now go through committee, and there will be arguments about various amendments and several of the 80 who voted for cloture will ultimately vote against the bill.  It will all be theatre though.  This was the real chance to strip immunity from the bill. 

Why is this important?  Putting retroactive immunity in the bill essentially stops any further investigation into what records where requested and what was turned over to the Bush Admin.  Did the admin start demanding records before 9/11?  Were they targeting political enemies or were they legitimately targeting only potential terrorist threats?  We’ll never know now.  Years of illegal domestic and international spying will now go into the memory hole to disappear.  If they didn’t do anything wrong, why are they so afraid of an investigation?

Senator Obama, you are in a position of leadership now.  You have gained that position by promising change.  This is not change, it is not leadership.  I’m tired of being told that my freedom needs to be destroyed in order to be saved.

Hat Tip to Shakesville

My only consolation is to post pictures of fail from around the web

found here

found here

and last but not least

from here


  1. Republicans are such hypocrites.

  2. Sooo True my friend.


  4. I’m not sure if Tommy’s comment is spam or not, but I’m going to leave it up. It packs so much incoherence into so short a message, that it may qualify as art.

  5. hahah.. loved the cat pics,, that is an epic fail, is it real ?

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