Posted by: Kevin | July 7, 2008

Is There Such a Thing as a Mid Year Resolution?

I ask, because I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to make a few. 

I’ve been in a bit of a rut for a large part of this year.  I’ve got a whole host of excuses that I could offer but I think a lot of it boils down to this.  I’m sick of my job.  Not just a little sick, we’re talking about tremendously, nauseatingly sick.  I’ve been in my current position for roughly 2 years and in that time I’ve watched my role shift completely under my feet.

I took the job because it was a chance to work closely with the guys on the product side of my technology company.  I was going to add the business sense to their sound technological thinking.  However, my job has since become a labyrinth of Sarbanes-Oxley inspired compliance nightmares.  Now I’m tasked with helping the product guys, just as before, but I’m measured on how good I am at compliance.

The thing is, I am good at compliance.  I just don’t like it.  It is a (sometimes un)necessary evil, that we cant escape from in the corporate world.   However, I didn’t sign up for a job that was specifically about that.  So I’ve watched the job I did sign up for get buried under an eruption of new processes and controls, each one requiring some additional increment of my time.

So what’s been holding me back?  Lack of time, lack of will, sheer inertia, it’s hard to know for sure.  What I do know, is that I’ve sat around much too long wanting to do something new and not doing anything new.  I’ve become more apathetic towards my job and it’s beginning to spill over into other aspects of my life. 

I started in June with a new running goal and training schedule but that’s like addressing the symptoms without treating the disease.  So today, I’m giving myself a new goal.  Everyday, I want to do three things towards getting a new job.  Whether it’s updating my resume, applying for a job, calling a recruiter or job hunting internally at my company, I don’t want to complete a day without knowing that my three things are done.

My other resolutions involve writing here daily again and sticking to the running schedule above, but I’m going to cover that in another post.



  1. You can make a resolution any old time! The key is that you are making them at all! Good for you!!
    Those New Year’s resolutions are so over-rated and cliche anyhow. And nobody keeps them, so your chances are probably better at this time of year.

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