Posted by: Kevin | July 8, 2008

You Were Mine, I Want You and I’m Taking You Back

My 2 minutes that is. 

I ran the Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon last year with the goal of finishing in under 90 minutes.  Such a finish would have been a dramatic improvement to my half marathon PR.  I trained hard.  I got my weekly mileage up over 25.  I did speed work on the local high school track.  I thought I was ready.

The Race went well for the first 12 miles.  The course for the Charlotte Racefest was both challenging (lots of hills) and beautiful (my only beef was the lack of spectators).  Better still, I was on pace to finish in less than 89 minutes.  Then, on mile 13, I hit the last hill, and the wall.  It took me more than 9 minutes to finish that last mile. 

My final time, 90min 55seconds, was still a PR and I’m very proud of the race I ran but I want those two minutes back.  For that reason, and because I feel the need to set ridiculous athletic challenges for myself, I’m training for another half marathon in November.  I’m writing about it here to give myself the extra kick in the pants.

Right now my training consists of three days of running, 10 – 12 miles in total, 2 nights of ice hockey, and an optional cross training day.  By the fall, the schedule will change to 4 days of running, 20+ miles in total, 2 nights of hockey, a mandatory cross training day and speed work.  Some of those will be on the same day.

I don’t expect anyone who finds there way to this blog to care but I’ll probably do a weekly post on my progress.



  1. It took nearly two years, but I’ve got you. Posted an 88:27 on Sunday in Virginia Beach.

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