Posted by: Kevin | July 16, 2008

Well, At Least We Don’t Have Socialized Medicine

Otherwise this teen in Florida might actually get covered for the brain surgery she needs. 

Caitlin…was recently diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Chiari Malformation…
The destructive condition will rob her 19-year-old daughter of motor skills, memory and possibly one day, her life.

Her insurance company initially agreed to pay for the surgery, 15 minutes too late, causing her to lose her slot.  Then, before she could get the surgery rescheduled, she was informed that Aetna would no longer cover the procedure.  This leaves the family on the hook for the $110K procedure (half due upfront). 

I can’t speak for Caitlin’s family but a $110K medical would certainly kick the crap out of mine.  I read this story and I don’t understand why the Democrats aren’t doing more to promote some kind of universal health care plan.  Cries of “Oh No!! Socialized Medicine BAD!!” don’t carry as much weight when more than half the population is a medical problem away from bankruptcy.  I know a bunch of GM retirees who would certainly be on board.

Hat tip to Shakesville



  1. the insurance is going to pay now .


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