Posted by: Kevin | July 17, 2008

More Refs Fixing Games


During the 2006-07 period under investigation, seven games refereed by Scott Foster had lopsided enough betting on one team to move the point spread by at least 2 points; those seven teams were undefeated against Vegas meaning that the big-money gamblers won a 7 of 7 times on Fosters games; the odds of that happening randomly are less than 1%.

The NBA needs to get out in front of this yesterday.  The refereeing was already a running joke before the gambling allegations.  Now they have one former ref about to go to prison and apparently another one under investigation.  This bullshit has already tainted my own enjoyment of the league.  How many more fans can the league alienate before they adequately address the problem?

Hattip to Deadspin


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