Posted by: Kevin | August 20, 2008

Not Fair

I hate hearing the phrase, “it’s not fair”.  We’ve cheapened it and use it to describe trivial setbacks.  I hate it because the truth is life isn’t fair and chances are, if you’re reading this, that your life circumstances are dramatically, unfairly, good. 

So I don’t say this lightly when I say that the circumstances for John Challis’ death are totally and completely unfair.  18 year-old John succumbed to lung and liver cancer yesterday after a 2 year battle.  He accomplished more with the last months of his life than most of us will manage in 70 years.  Read his story is in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette because I can’t do it the justice it deserves.

When asked a few weeks ago how he would like to be remembered, John said, “I could see people having some beers and hopefully remembering how I always tried my best, no matter what I was doing. That’s my message just for people to always do their best, no matter what they’re doing or how stupid it might seem. And no matter what, there will always be a reward, no matter how small it is

I’m taking my twin boys out for the 3rd birthday tonight.  At some point they’re probably going to wonder why daddy won’t stop hugging them.

I found this story on Deadspin


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