Posted by: Kevin | September 28, 2008

Frank Rich Rips McCain a New One

I don’t claim to fully understand the proposed bailout package being floated around right now.  I don’t like the idea of bailing out the people who did so much to create the mess in the first place.  If it is necessary, then I want to see some seriously punitive stuff put in there for Wall Street execs.  Let’s expose them to the same level of humiliation that people are subject to when they default on their loans.  I definitely didn’t like the initial proposal put forth by Treasury Secretary Paulson which would have given him unprecedented freedom from oversight.

All that said, it seems like McCain went out of his way to blow-up the bailout negotiations earlier this week and that he did so for purely political reasons.  Frank Rich’s op-ed piece in yesterday’s NYT takes him to task for this.  This seems like a good time to ask, why the hell weren’t they talking about the bailout proposal during the debate?  Seems like the most important thing happening right now.


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