Posted by: Kevin | September 30, 2008


Yesterday I linkedto an article in the Charlotte Observer about Fort HIll Mayor Danny Funderburk and his habit of forwarding insane fundy emails full of lies.  Turns out something similar happened in my former hometown of Poughkeepsie.

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Dutchess County Republican Committee Chairwoman Corinne Weber has resigned over a chain e-mail she forwarded to party members, some of whom were offended by its content.

Weber forwarded an e-mail to more than two dozen Republicans on Friday night that makes a veiled reference to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and suggests he is the Antichrist.

I find the reactions from the two individuals very interesting.  Corinne Weber resigned, which in my opinion is more than was necessary for the offense.  Funderburk, on the other hand, issued the lamest, most transparent explanation possible.  Sadly, I suspect the different reactions have a lot more to do with the character of their constituents than their own conscience.

Hat tip Memeorandum


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