Posted by: Kevin | October 24, 2008

This Disgusts Me

For the love of fuck, people who bomb abortion clinics are terrorists.  Full stop.  The end.  The fact that >40% of Americans will likely vote for this fuck-wit for VP scares the hell out of me.



  1. Now wait a minute, the fact that such a dumb ass question was asked in the first place is what bothers me about it. She says in the video that it is terrorism and shows an obvious “well duah” reaction in the beginning. The fact is that these people in the media comming up with these questions are hoping someone will screw up and they will make the big story out of it. This reporter is absurd and I hope one day people get a clue. Democrats never have to answer idiotic questions like this on television. and before you make any judgements, no I’m not claiming the Rep’s either.

  2. I’m sorry Josh but that question was far from idiotic. It was a very simple one, is the bombing of an abortion clinic a terrorist act? The answer is equally simple, yes it is.

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