Posted by: Kevin | December 4, 2008

At Some Point I Will Start Writing Here Again

In the meantime I’ll content myself with the following

  • I’m really, really, really happy that Obama won the Presidency.  Like, cancel the plans to emigrate happy.
  • I’m nervous as hell about the current economic crisis.  The middle class has been quietly taken a beating over the past eight years with wage stagnation and inflation.  A full blown depression is not what we need right now.
  • I need a new song to make fun of.
  • I recently switched jobs within my company.  So far I haven’t noticed much of a change but it seems like I’ll be much safer in the event of a headcount reduction in my current job.
  • I just lost 5 pounds in 2 days as a result of the flu.  I still feel a little crappy but my Wii fit trainer is pleased.
  • I need a new car.  Actually, I’m looking for a used car because I like my automobiles pre-scratched and pre-depreciated.
  • Living in South Carolina has officially softened me up.  It was in the high 20’s this morning and I was complaining.  There was a time not too long ago when that temperature wouldn’t have seemed cold.
  • Moving to South Carolina has also forced me to take a more active interest in College Football.  I root for the Gamecocks and for BC (I grew up in Boston during the Flutie years, what do you want?).  Given that, I’d like to make this statement to the SEC fans out there.  Florida is great this year and Alabama is good.  The rest of your conference is mediocre at best.  Please stop with the “SEC is the BEST CONFERENCE!!!” BS.  It’s just not true this year.  Your record vs the ACC was 4 – 6 ( 1-6 for schools not named Florida and Alabama).  Florida may well be the best team in college football but the best team doesn’t always come from the best conference.


  1. Hi,

    Today I discovered Google Tools, which shows links on the tubes pointing to my blog, which three people visit. And thus I found your site.

    I randomly read a few of your entries. We have similar interests. Examples:

    – Diablo. The one time my husband and I stayed up all night and well past dawn was when we tried multiplayer Diablo. He, being the cerebral type, insisted on being a mage. I, having played the game before, made my character a big dumb guy with a two-handed axe. Needless to say, I was constantly picking his shit up off the ground, thanks to his hit point deficiency syndrome. Totally addictive.

    – Marathons. Not really my thing, but my husband has done Boston, Dublin, Chicago, Ankorage, etc., etc., etc.

    – Obama. Seems like an okay guy.

    – Torture. I’m not cool with it.

    – Science. Much better than stoopidity.


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