Posted by: Kevin | January 12, 2009


I was away on a business trip for the past 10 days.  In my absence this site has been getting 500+ hits a day from people looking for pictures of Epic Fail and finding this post complaining about Obama’s vote on the FISA bill a few months ago.  So did Google’s top secret formula decide, all of a sudden, that my blog would be a very logical place to find epic failure?  I cant argue if that’s the case except to ask, what took them so long?  I’ve been failing at this site for 2 years.



  1. Wow. 500 hits per day would make me feel so special and important. I get like 20 lol.

  2. I guess I briefly felt special when I noticed the hit total. Sadly, that feeling evaporated as soon as I realized why all the hits are coming in.

  3. It’s quite ironic that your post on failure would be your most successful post… 🙂

    But it’s not all about page hits. It’s usually better to have a few regular readers than a few hundred random people finding the site and then quickly leaving.

  4. Thomas, that’s why it was so depressing to find out all those hits were people looking for a picture. If they were looking for writing, I might at least have found a few more readers as a result.

  5. I understand. On my blog, the top posts have to do with pictures of Halo costumes, scorpions, and basketball dunks. Most of the traffic is not there for the quality humor. But the number of regular readers is growing… albeit slowly.

  6. you probably submitted that homer ‘epic fail’ image to fark, thats how i found your site. thats easily worth 500 hits a day

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