Posted by: Kevin | January 26, 2009

Antivaxers and the People Who Helped Bring Us the Current Economy

I came across 2 interesting articles this morning that I’d like to share. 

This first one, from the Bad Astronomy Blogger, is about 5 children who died of preventable diseases.  It caught my eye because I can remember when we were vaccinating our kids and reading up on a lot of material on vaccinations.  In the course of our reading, we came across a lot of material claiming a link between vaccinations and autism.  No credible scientific study has found a link between vaccines and autism but there is a lot of misinformation out there.  I know there were some antivaxers on the mothering message boards that my wife frequented.  It definitely caused us some needless anxiety.

The second article, from the Guardian, is a look at 20 people who helped bring us the current recession.  Not much in the way of new material here but I loved this quote about Alan Greenspan.

fact that the banks had played fast and loose with shareholders’ equity had left him “in a state of shocked disbelief”

Indeed.  Who could have predicted that bank executives, with compensation structures loaded with obscenely rich short term incentive clauses, would take obscene risks to maximize short term profits and then dump the resulting mess on the public.  I’ll admit it, I though highly of Greenspan during the Clinton years.  However, his blind faith in the ability of the super wealthy to “self-regulate” has played a big role in our current mess.



  1. 5 didn’t die, 1 died – 5 got sick. get ur fact str8

  2. “The Centers for Disease Control has put out an alert: in Minnesota in 2008, there were five confirmed cases of Haemophilus influenzae type b (or Hib) among children younger than five years old. Of these five cases, three of the children were unvaccinated, one had started the series of vaccines but did not complete the series due to shortages, and the fifth — who had been fully vaccinated — had an immune deficiency.

    Five cases may not sound like a lot… until you learn that one of the unvaccinated children died. This was a baby, just a seven-month-old infant.”

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