Posted by: Kevin | January 28, 2009

Democracy as Science

I’m taking thisfrom the Bad Astronomy Blogger because I love the sentiment:

Democracy is an experiment: it’s still in its early act on the world’s stage. It started with a hypothesis — people have a say in how they are governed — and it’s gone through a few versions since then. We try different things, even swapping out our equipment every few years when we need an upgrade. Our basic premise, the Constitution in our case, is updatable as needed. If the evidence that our choices were wrong becomes overwhelming, then we’re willing to start over again from the beginning.

And like science, it’s easy to follow the wrong but seductive path. But if we are honest with ourselves and are willing to pursue truth when we see it, and we use all the available evidence that we have that is untainted by rhetoric and authority, and we’re willing to unshakably and unflinchingly examine that evidence no matter where it leads, why then, we will walk the correct path.

There are time’s when I get pissed of with the way our country is run and thinking like this helps me to feel better.  If we can reject the idea that the Earth is the center of the Universe and advance our understanding of the cosmos then ideas like trickle down economics cant last forever either.



  1. [its a good way to think about things, buts the core parts of modern day life in perspective] x

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