Posted by: Kevin | February 5, 2009

This Abomination Must Be Stopped!


Universal Pictures is ready to drop the puck on its “Slap Shot” remake, setting Dean Parisot to direct the redo of the 1977 hockey comedy classic.

This is completely unacceptable.  Who are they going to get to replace Paul Newman, who in addition to being a fantastic actor could also skate?  Because if it’s Jason Priestly (who can also skate) or some other equally crappy “star”, then there might be no end to my fury.  What are they going to do about the fact that the original is incredibly un-PC?  If they try and replace that humor with some slapsticky bullshit, then the movie cannot possibly work. 

I’ll give them this much.  The original movie was set in the maliase of the late seventies and did a good job of capturing that time period.  Since we appear to be in the midst of a new maliase, the timing is right.  But unless George Clooney or someone similar can skate and the writters aren’t afraid of pissing a lot of people off, then this movie is going to suck with authority.

Whence came the link



  1. your right why remake this?
    remake dirty harry – now thats an idea!

  2. If you remake Dirty Harry who will play Clint Eastwood, really? Remake the Big Sleep – great book and long lost movie and no skating involved. Nice article Kevin!

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