Posted by: Kevin | February 21, 2009

Things They Don’t Tell You When You Have Kids

I’m sick, again.  The flu, again.  This year my daughter started kindergarten and the twins started day care.  It hadn’t occurred to me before this year, that school and day care are apparently training grounds for diseases.  Throw a bunch of kids and their germs together and only the strong germs survive.  Those germs are then brought home to kick my ass.

Gone are the little sniffles and coughs of infants and toddlers, little colds that I could tend to without fear.  Now when one of my kids comes home coughing, I’m reaching for the hazmat suit.  Now that my wife and I have been going through this for the better part of a year, we found out that this is a “normal” adjustment period.  The light at the end of the tunnel is that eventually I’ll stop getting sick because I’ll have been exposed to every possible way of getting sick.  That’s something to look forward to I guess.



  1. Quit producing, and mingling and you won’t have this problem. Children are a scourge to this planet and all the mammals that inhabit it. Stop having children, and no ugly chicks allowed to as well!

  2. Notcool, if you’re recommending voluntary extinction for the human race, I suggest you lead by example and off yourself as soon as possible.

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