Posted by: Kevin | March 23, 2009

Random Updates from My Life

I was on vacation last week, took a cruise with my wife and her family.  Great cruise, great company, always a bummer to go back to the grind but I’m managing.  I still haven’t gotten my land legs back, as every time I stand up it seems like the boat is still moving under me. 

Upon returning home, I noticed that they are now selling compilations of early 90’s rock tunes.  This tells me two things: 

1 – I’m fucking old.  Seriously, I was in college when these songs were out and now they’re selling them like Freedom Rock.  WTF!?!? 
2 – Music from the grunge era is virtually impossible to dance to.  Not like we were interested in dancing back then.  We were all too busy wearing flannel, not shaving and not having a whole lot of sex. 

There was one song on the commercial that I had forgotten about and I liked hearing again.  “One Thing” by Finger Eleven came out in 2003 (why was it on a compilation of early 90’s music is anyone’s guess) around the same time my daughter was born.  I loved the song at the time because it reminded me of how I felt about her.  Here was this new arrival in my life and I literally would have done anything for her.  Fortunately, all she required was love, food and regular diaper changes.  Anyway, here’s the song on YouTube.


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