Posted by: Kevin | October 9, 2009

Sir, I Salute Your Villainy!!

First start with this picture.


Are you amazed yet?  Because you can go to the “artist’s” website and find out that he’s got captions for each of these figures if you roll your mouse over them.  However, that’s not what I’m saluting, because shit like this drives me crazy.  Seriously, have these fucks even read the constitution?  Has this artist read the actual writings of the founding fathers pictured in this piece of “art”?  For fuck sake, Jefferson rewrote the whole damn bible specifically so he could delete all the miracles.

No, what I am saluting is this brilliant takedown of the piece of work above.  This much concentrated snark is a true national treasure that should be preserved so that future generations can also point and laugh.

This has already been highlighted on Wonkette and Balloon Juice but the original painting is so batshit crazy that I feel compelled to write something anyway.  I know the people who think like this are only a vocal minority but they seriously creep me out sometimes.


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