Posted by: Kevin | October 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

ESPN’s The Body Issue

I’m a subscriber to ESPN the Magazine.  It was a way to use up some extra airline points from an old credit card so don’t judge.  Anyway, I got the Body issue in the mail on Friday and naturally had to check it out.  After the initial shock of opening the magazine to a naked Zdeno Chara (seriously, 6’9” hairy, naked, white guys are not to my taste at all) I found it pretty interesting. 

It’s seems much less exploitive than the SI swimsuit issue, which makes no apology for being pure boner fodder*.  The Body Issue featured actual athletes with a wide range of body types from the gorgeous track star Lolo Jones to a Sumo wrestler named Byambajav Ulambayar.  They showed the impact that athletics can have on the body, with mangled hands, feet and other extremities. 

The most compelling shot to me was of Sarah Reinertsen.  She is the first amputee to compete in and complete the Ironman Triathlon.  Her pose screams athlete first and foremost.  Then it shows what a challenge it must be to learn to compete with a prosthetic leg.

My Son’s Drawing Habits

My kids had yesterday off for Columbus Day and I did not.  This meant that I had to keep them occupied while still getting my own work done.  I finally stumbled on the idea of having them make Halloween decorations.  My son then proceeded to produce scary spider pictures at an astonishing pace.  He’s 4, so I expected a lot of “artistic license” from him but he still managed to exceed my expectations. 

The spiders featured anywhere from 6 to 103 legs.  They ranged in colors from blue to red and several of them were covered in red to indicate, according to my son, that they are “Bloody Spiders”.  Others were described as “Mucca Spiders”, whatever that means.  There are several actual spiders making a living in my home and I’m pretty sure they were creeped out by my son’s drawings.  They definitely left me wondering what terrors stalk my child’s imagination.

Star Wars light saber duels

I’m probably the 8 millionth person on earth to make this observation but the light saber duels from the original trilogy suck with authority.  Take a few minutes on youtube and do a comparison, its pathetic.  Was there not a single person in Hollywood who understood choreography back in the late 70’s early 80’s?  Just seeing Mark Hamill flailing around like a drunken frat boy with a waffle ball bat makes me want to cry.  All that money wasted on re-mastering and re-editing and the fight scenes still suck.

Butthurt warning color code

If you read certain politically focused websites you’ll find the following video to be funny, if not, your response will probably be along the lines of “What the Fuck?”  Either way, I don’t care. 

*This is the stuff that starts to creep into your thoughts when you have kids, especially if you have girls.  Once upon a time I would have thought more along the lines of “Great!  Boner Fodder!”  Now I worry about things like, how is it going to affect my daughter growing up in a world where they take too skinny girls, shove them in bikinis and then photoshop them to look even skinnier and then blast it out to the world as a message of what girls should look like?


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