Posted by: Kevin | November 18, 2009

Today, in Things that Make me Puke in my Mouth

Because it’s never too early to start indoctrinating your children, Katharine DeBrecht has been writing a series of “Help!  Mom!” books.  These books helpfully blame everything wrong in this country on Democrats, both the real and the imagined problems.  She incorporates most of the current Fox News/Right Wing Pundit talking points into a child friendly package.  Her latest offering “Help!  Mom!  The Radical are Ruining My Country!” gives us more of the same, along with the Republican’s solution to every economic problem:  more tax cuts and more deregulation.

Yes parents, you can start your child on his or her journey into the fact free universe where:  Wall Street was forced to float all those bad loans.  The $12 trillion dollar national debt magically appeared because Obama took office.  And every tax cut pays for itself. 

If cable media is the crack dealer selling adults their own prejudices and biases, then Katharine DeBrecht is the scumbag dealing in the school playground.

Hat Tip to my favorite columnist. 
(BTW, do you want credit or a link?  I figured you wouldn’t want anyone doing a google search for you finding their way here but if I’m wrong let me know)

Updated 11/20 – just realized that after leaving this up for 2 days there is a rather obvious grammatical error in the title.  In related news, I’m a retard.


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