Posted by: Kevin | February 15, 2010

Updated: Myrtle Beach Sucks

Updates below

I’m putting this here because, as far as I know, none of the people I see on a day-to-day basis actually read my website.  I’m running the Myrtle Beach Marathon on Saturday.  One of my life-long goals is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I’ll be 35 years old for next year’s Boston Marathon which means I’d need to finish Saturday’s race in 3 hours and 15 minutes to qualify.  It is highly unlikely that I’ll succeed in doing this but I figured I’d put it in writing that I’m going to try.

2/15/2010 – So my attempt to qualify for Boston never happened because the race never happened.  The city of Myrtle Beach canceled both the half marathon and the full marathon at 10:30pm on Friday night.  I can only conclude that the City of Myrtle Beach felt unsatisfied after kicking out the bikers last year and decided they needed to piss off another group of potential tourists.  Maybe they really feel that the city should be run by and for retirees and golfers and fuck everyone else?  Maybe they’re just shitheads?

You might think I’m being harsh, after all there was a snowstorm Friday night.  The snowstorm wasn’t a suprise though.  It dumped a foot of snow on Dallas earlier in the week.  The city and the marathon planners had time to consider contingency plans and did nothing.  Here’s a clue Myrtle Beach, sitting around hoping it doesn’t snow is not a contingency plan.  To add insult to injury, saturday morning dawned and the roads were completely safe.  Many of the runners eleceted to run part or all of the course anyway.  Many of those runners, including me, made a point of running in large groups in the street.  Why not, we were supposed to have that course until 2:30pm, why shouldn’t we run.

So in conclusion, fuck you Myrtle Beach.  You don’t have your shit together enough to host a major road race and you wont be seeing my money again anytime soon.



  1. Shoot am I working too much again?

    I’m so proud of you, good luck!!!!

  2. I got the big shaft there, too. I wrote ‘FUCK MYRTLE BEACH’ across my race shirt, and wear it to all my marathons now. It’s my way of promoting that the race and the city suck, and that nobody should go there for any reason besides childish vandalism. See how many others you can get to do the same.

  3. I’m tempted Gary, very tempted. On a side note I ran the Shamrock Racefest Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach on Sunday and I thought the event was very well done.

    • HA! I was there! Wearing that shirt of course. I got nothing but laughs and compliments. You’re right, the event was well organized. Waiting for the pictures to show up. Bib #61.

      • I hope you don’t mind Gary but I took the liberty of looking up your results. Congratulations on the sub-3 hour marathon. Well done!

  4. Thanks! No pics with me wearing the shirt though :(. It got hot, and I wanted a tan, so it came off. I hope Myrtle Beach gets wiped out by a big fucking asteroid. A month and a half later, and I’m still bitter.

  5. I know this post was a while ago but I found it searching about the Myrtle Beach marathon. I’m doing all 50 states and I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be going to Myrtle Beach to run or for any other reason because of this. And I found out they kept the money too! OMG! What a bunch of dirt bags!

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