Posted by: Kevin | March 11, 2010

Today in News of the Amazingly Stupid

Assemblyman in New York wants to ban the use of salt in restaurant cooking.

A new bill in the state Assembly would ruin restaurant food and baked goods as we know them.

In a deeply misguided gesture that is also an abuse of the legislative process, a New York City Assemblyman is pushing a nanny-state bill that would ban the use of all forms of salt in the preparation and cooking of all restaurant food.

If passed, the measure, introduced Friday by Felix Ortiz, D-Brooklyn, would result in fines of up to $1,000 for each individual addition of salt by restaurant staff, whether before, during or after cooking. Customers would have the option of adding salt when food is served.

Shockingly, Mr. Ortiz admits that he did no research into the role of salt in cooking.  I’m also going to guess that Mr. Ortiz doesn’t do any of his own cooking.  Apparently his father was a big fan of dumping salt on his food and eventually suffered a heart attack.

I’m sorry to hear about your father Felix Ortiz, but that in no way excuses the introduction of this ridiculous bill.  Your punishment, aside from the internet driven ridicule that you are already suffering, is to forever be served food in which no salt or seasoning of any kind was used.

On a side note, Dihydrogen Monoxide has been used in restaurant cooking for years and can kill you if accidentally inhaled, yet no one has done anything to ban its use.

Found this at Balloon Juice

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