Posted by: Kevin | March 23, 2010

Wanted: A Sane Opposition Party

I’m just going to point to this letter from AmericanDad posted at TPM.  It captures my thoughts perfectly.  As for the actual substance of the health care bill, I’ll post about it eventually.  My opinion is that we needed some change from the status quo where far too many people were an illness away from bankruptcy.  We’ll see if this bill delivered that change.

To those out there saying things like “Heath care isn’t a right”, neither is food but try telling that to a hungry person.  My point is that forcing more and more people into extreme situations (health care induced bankruptcy), creates a larger pool of people willing to take extreme measures to resolve that situation.  A large population of desperate people is not conducive to a prosperous society.  If this bill works as advertised then it’s an investment in a stable society.  I’m willing to make that investment.


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