Posted by: Kevin | April 5, 2010

This Is Not What I Wanted To See Today

In traveling to Charlotte tomorrow afternoon to pay respects to my wife’s Granddad, a decorated world war 2 veteran who passed away on Friday.  For that reason, and many others, I found this video particularly hard to watch.  It’s footage of our soldiers in Iraq engaging…well, you’ll have to judge for yourself what they’re engaging.

Note:  The original title I put on this post is “This Is Not What I Needed To See Today”.  I changed it when it occurred to me that maybe we all need to see this.

Updated:  Been thinking about this video and decided to add this thought.  In general I don’t support arm-chair quarterbacking a life-or-death situation.  These soldiers made a judgment call that turned out to be extremely wrong in the initial engagement.  The follow-up engagement, shooting up the van left me sick to my stomach but I’m still just watching from the comfort of my home, bereft of any context.

Like it or not, incidents like this are the inevitable consequences of our decision to invade Iraq and rules of engagement that encourage our troops to fire on armed civilians in a country where it’s perfectly legal to own and carry an AK47.  That’s why people need to see footage like this, not to condemn the troops, but to (hopefully) question the assumptions that put the troops in the position of having to distinguish between a long lens camera and an RPG at a distance of over a mile.



  1. link is not working, at least for me anyway

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