Posted by: Kevin | April 9, 2010


An online choose your own adventure book featuring Cthulu, made of win.

The original video for U2’s “One”, which I much prefer to the other versions

A re-cut of the 10 Commandments (the movie, not the actual commandments), most of this video is merely amusing until the last 5 seconds which is piss your pants funny.

Lastly, something a bit more serious, Matt Taibbi on the looting of Main Street America, this is an excellent article on what happened to Jefferson County, Alabama.  It also provides a great example of what happened to a lot of other municipalities and countries.  Something to think about with financial regulatory reform coming up on Congress’ docket.  I’m sure that there will be a ton of noise on the airwaves, most of it ridiculous, so it’ll help to have something to focus on.  The financial transactions and blatant graft described in this article must be stopped.

Hat tips to Pharyngula and Skippy


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