Posted by: Kevin | May 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

Flying Their Freak Flag, In the Closet

At what point can we just officially accept that every vocal proponent of social conservatism is some kind of closet freak show?  Whether it’s trolling for sex in an airport bathroom, doing meth with a male escort or now, hiring a male escort from to “lift his luggage” (that phrase is too good not to recycle) the story always seems to be the same.  Whatever the vocal societal scold is complaining about the loudest, he’s doing something like that, only worse, in his personal life.  I shudder to think what kind of taboos are in Dobson’s closet, or the Phelps clan.

13 Things That Saved Apollo 13…and a great Nixon Quote

This series at Universe Today is worth a read if you have time.  Here’s the quote I love.

“We often speak of scientific ‘miracles’ – forgetting that these are not miraculous happenings at all, but rather the product of hard work, long hours and disciplined intelligence.

The men and Women of the Apollo XIII mission operations team performed such a miracle, transforming potential tragedy into one of the most dramatic rescues of all time. Years of intense preparation made this rescue possible. The skill coordination and performance under pressure of the mission operations team made it happen. Three brave astronauts are alive and on Earth because of their dedication and because at the critical moments the people of that team were wise enough and self-possessed enough to make the right decisions. Their extraordinary feat is a tribute to man’s ingenuity, to his resourcefulness and to his courage.”

Worth considering, especially in light of the continued efforts by some to fuck with science education in this country.

Don’t Watch This if You Love Dogs

This is a SWAT raid for drugs which took place in Columbia, MO.  They stormed the house, apprehended the father, terrorized the wife and 7 year old child and shot the two dogs.  They did all this so they could find a small amount of pot.  The punch line is that they’re charging the father with “Child Endangerment” because of the presence of pot in the house.  Terrorizing the family and shooting beloved pets is apparently, not threatening to children at all.

I’m sick of reading stories like this.  Why the hell do you need a SWAT team to serve a warrant like this?  If they thought the father was a risk, why not pick him up when he leaves the house in the morning?  Why will no one on the police be held accountable for this?

Links found at Bad Astronomy Blog and Balloon Juice



  1. Re: ‘Freak Flag’ — “… EVERY vocal proponent of social conservativism… ” (capitalization added).

    They’re actually a very specific kind of vocal social conservative: vocal MALE homophobes. I can only guess that their attention-seeking homophobia either represents an attempt, in their own subconscious (as it were), to increase their power over other men, or else is a way of sort of subconsciously advertising themselves as self-loathing homosexuals.

    At any rate, people like Reker, Ted Haggard, and Larry Craig don’t show much self-awareness and are deeply invested in deceiving the public. It’s weird.

    Phyllis Schlafy (whose son is gay) and Ann Coulter are also public homophobes, but they’re somewhat less fixated on it. Also, Anita Bryant (the former orange juice pitchlady) was also a public homophobe, but I don’t think her personal life was ever revealed to be at odds with her public persona.

  2. Re: Finishing my initial comment

    The point of the last paragraph is that Schlafly, Coulter, and Bryant, because they’re not men, don’t use public homophobia as a way of dealing with their own personal issues, as I think Reker et al. do.

    Schlafly’s and Coulter’s gay-bashing are mostly rent-a-demagogue stuff. Anita Bryant’s motives are not so obvious (to me), but again, her homophobia was never revealed to be related to personal neurosis.

    Sorry for the disorganized commenting.

  3. Hadn’t really thought about the whole male homophobes vs. female homophobes angle. You raise a good point. I think reflects a difference in how seriously we take male homosexuality vs. female homosexuality. Like one is irreversible whereas the other can be dismissed as “experimentation”. Hence the more extreme, in general, reaction against male homosexuality. I’m definitely not the most qualified person to comment on this topic, so take my 2 cents worth with a grain of salt.

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