Posted by: Kevin | July 11, 2010

In Honor of the Recently Completed World Cup

Yes, the words in this are in French.  I recommend marrying someone who speaks French so they can translate it for you.  However if the French bothers you that much then here:

Oddly enough I did get used to them watching this world cup.  So much so, that I was watching the LA Galaxy play the other day and it sounded wrong.  It took me five minutes to realize I was missing the vuvuzelas.

Oh what the hell, even Hitler had something to say on the subject.



  1. Dear Kevin, please write more. I miss your musings.

    • Guess, I’ll have to. I leave this blog alone for a few months and I get comments from people about to shot themselves in one thread and I miss out on a chance to bash Brian Hebert in another thread.

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