Posted by: Kevin | June 8, 2011

Brushing off the Cobwebs

The past couple of years of my life has been unusual for me in that I’ve been much less of a shut-in than I usually am.  A few different things have combined to draw me out of my cave.  One is barroom trivia, nerdy – yes, cheesy – a little, fun – absolutely!  My wife and I have teamed up with several fellow nerds to form a regular barroom trivia team.  Happily, this has led to many non-trivia get togethers and trips, as we share other common interests like good beer, good wine and good company.  Howrah for the social life!

I’ve also picked up a new hobby and stepped up an old one.  My wife got me a nice homebrew kit for Christmas and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed brewing ales (lagers suck) and experimenting with various recipes.  I’ve even achieved a decent Pale Ale.  At the same time I’ve been playing a lot more hockey lately and I’ve kept up with my running.  All this is to say that I’ve been busy and it’s been the good kind of busy.

Of course, I’m still working for ginormous IT company and I’m still doing my best to be the best dad and husband that I can be.  It’s just nice to have reached a point where I feel like I’ve been plugged into a community again.  I haven’t really felt that way since I finished grad school.  The side effect is that I’ve felt less of a need to come here and rant.  However, there have been so many topics worthy of ranting about that I figure I’ll cover a few in brief just to get them off my chest.

There are no Republicans and Democrats, there is only the Money Party and the not-Money Party, the first party is much better represented and includes about 95% of Republicans and 40 – 50% of Democrats in politics.  Everything going on in the country is much easier to understand when seen through that perspective.

The next time you’re tempted to bitch about oil prices you should educate yourself on two subjects: The first is Peek Oil, the second is energy market deregulation.  If you don’t understand either of those terms and their impact on fuel prices then you’re asking for trouble.  Oil makes our entire society go and has been making it go for over 100 years.  It’s worth the effort to understand it a little better.

The same goes for climate change / global warming.  If your understanding of that subject comes from talk radio or fox news, kindly shut the fuck up.  You don’t know what you’re talking about.

While I’m on the subject of warming, it’s been over 90 degrees F in South Carolina for several weeks now and we’re only in the 1st week of June.  I would shank a mime right now for a break in the weather.


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