About Me

I’m a over 30 years old with 3 beautiful children, a wonderful wife, a good job and a good home.  So what’s my excuse for starting a web page dedicated to pissing and moaning and discovering my “creative” side?

The answer starts when I first became a parent.  That forced me to seriously ask myself, “What do I want out of life?”  Being a good husband and parent are a big part of the answer to that question.  Being an uninformed corporate wage slave, is not.  So my (very) little rebellion against Yuppiness started.

First, I started writing at work whenever I had a free moment.  They don’t mind taking a few hours from my life, I wanted to return the favor.  Second I began to read, not only the news, but also blogs analyzing the news.  Blogs aren’t the greatest source of truth but they can be pretty good at cutting through lies.  That led to me commenting on other Blogs like the Yellow Line and Donklephant.

It was in reading and commenting on other blogs that I began to feel the need to carve out my own space for writing.  My first attempt, My Quarterlife Crisis, has been a good start but it still feels like a practice run.  So this, I hope will be more of a finished product.  A place where I can keep throwing bullshit against the wall to see what sticks and yet also put out some of the fiction writing that I’ve been doing and feel proud of.

Updated 8/22/07:  Sadly I had to reflect the fact that I’m no longer 31 years old.

Updated 8/10/10:  Holy crap I’m old, I’m just going to go ahead and remove any references to age or years or whatnot.  Let’s just all agree that I’m in my VERY late 20’s and leave it at that.

Should also note that I’m going to try and write less about politics (when I do manage to write).  I got sucked into the 2008 election cycle when it seemed to me that the election of Obama represented a chance to step back from the brink.  Now I’m less convinced and reading about politics has become too depressing.  I don’t think that Obama has done a bad job.  I think that the challenges are too big and will be with us for the foreseeable future.  I also think that a large portion of the people in this country prefer to be lied to as long as those lies conform to their prejudices.

So I will be doing my best to shift this space away from current events and back towards thinking.


  1. I hope you continue to do your blog, and when I can read it, I will. I think you have a good grasp on what thinking actually means, and how important it is to try to be informed when you do so. That makes your opinions worth considering.

  2. thank you

  3. Yup.. keep up the good work man. -love the spaceship page!

  4. 🙂

  5. Hello there, Kevin

    I would like to write a guest post for your blog, “My Thinking Corner”. I primarily write about education in, well, education. I would love to cater an article around that theme, combining it with your site’s theme. Off the top of my head I was thinking of a post about how a career in education is not only worthwhile, but very rewarding. A bit of an inspirational piece if you will.

    I will not accept any form of payment for what I come up with, but I would appreciate the inclusion of a couple relevant back links. Those links won’t effect the article’s content, which will be 100% unique and non-promotional. I am simply trying to get my name out there and would love the opportunity to post on a site such as yours. If you’re interested I can elaborate further on my article ideas. Thank you.

    Anthony Chaseman

  6. I hope youre still active.

    My boyfriend of 2 years just broke up with me after being hot and cold with me and having mixed feelings and told me to listen to the song Hate Me.

    When I found your deconstructing of the song, it was actually a lot more comforting because it described a person that I had been with for 2 years. Your outlook fortified my opinions of the guy that I love, but wish I didn’t. You seem to know this type of person, unfortunately as do I.

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