Posted by: Kevin | December 6, 2019

So…um….It’s been awhile

So it’s only been like 8 years or so but somehow I still remembers the password for this site and I still like writing.  I don’t think anyone missed me too much, aside from some very disgruntled Blue October fans, but I think I’ll come back anyway.  I’ve had a lot of adventures, been a part of raising three kids, gone through 3 different jobs and just lived my life.  All that’s been great but I have missed coming here and venting/bitching/spilling my guts from time to time.  So, on the off chance you care, I’ll be posting new BS on this page in the future.

PS to all you Blue October fans, I still hate that f@#$ing song.

PPS to Justin Furstenfeld, I really enjoy your newer songs and I think it’s awesome that you’ve been sober for several years now. Keep crushing it and living your best life!


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