Posted by: Kevin | October 9, 2006

Welcome to the Black Parade – Huh?

I wanted to deconstruct this song by My Chemical Romance because it was overplayed all weekend.  I was listening to the radio while working on my house and was thus forced to listen to it many, many times while putting in flooring.  Not fun times.  

The song seems very “military”.  First the whole marching band thing, then the martial music and the whole “We’ll carry on!” chorus.  I was beginning to wondering if the Bush administration had written this as a subliminal “stay the course” messages or something. 

That seemed a little far fetched, so I did some research.  Turns out this song is supposed to be about a cancer patient.  What the fuck?  I’m going to post some of the words below.  Take a look and tell me where the hell cancer patient fits in there.  I’ll put my initial take in as well.

When I was
a young boy,
my Father took me into the city
to see a marching band.

(Pretty straight forward)

He said “Son when
you grow up
will you be
the savior of the broken,
the beaten, and the damned?”

(Free downtrodden people, like say…hmm…Iraqis?)

He said “Will you
defeat them,
your demons
and all the non-believers,
the plans that they have made?

(Fucking Al Qaeda)

Because one day
I’ll leave you
a phantom
to lead you in the summer,
to join the black parade.”

(OK, Black Parade as death, I get it)

Sometimes I get the feeling
she’s watching over me.
And other times I feel like I should go.

(Be all that you can be kid)

When through it all,
the rise and fall,
the bodies’ in the streets,
and when you’re gone we want you all to know.

(hmm, governments rising and falling, bodies in the street, chance of death…sounds like…Baghdad?)

We’ll Carry on,
We’ll Carry on,
and though you said you don’t believe me
Your memory will carry on,
we’ll carry on,
and thought my heart I can’t contain it,
the anthem wont explain it.

(Because though you may die, the Corp will endure)

A world that sends you reeling
from decimated dreams.
Your misery and hate will kill us all.
So paint it black and take it back,
lets shout it loud and clear.
Do you fight it to the end?, we hear the call

(The world is bad and filled with angry people so lets go kick some ass!)

to carry on.
We’ll carry on,
and though your dead and gone believe me
Your memory will
carry on.
we’ll carry on
and though you’re broken and defeated,
your weary widow marches…

(There’s a whole lot of weary widows out there right now.)

I don’t want to do the whole song (too long) but keep in mind that the music is very up tempo and martial themed.  It sounds like a call to arms to the point where I was wondering if it was a real or satirical tribute to Iraq.  The band says it isn’t though, and it’s their song, so what the hell do I know?

So my two questions are: where the fuck is the cancer patient? and why do these bands write songs where the only way to understand their “vision” is to watch the video?  For God’s sake MTV doesn’t play videos anymore and I cant download YouTube at work. 

Updated:  When I first pulled the lyrics, it indicated that they repeated the first 4 verses before launching into the up tempo part of the song.  More careful listening reveals this to be inaccurate. 


  1. I think that the “Black parade” has Nazi subliminal messages
    Hitler lived in Country regieons of Austria and his dad took him to see his brothers march in a military parade. He portrayed Jews as demons (as in thse who murdered christ) and non believers ( of Nazi ideals)

    He said “Son when
    you grow up
    will you be
    the savior of the broken,
    the beaten, and the damned?”

    The Nazis were a minority group when he was a kid, about late 1800s
    and in the clip he does the death reach thing hes really doing a secret high hitler
    and they are wearing geerman army parade coats that are black.

    and the emo lead singer had long black hair and in the clip he has short blonde hair

    Final verdict: good song, fucked up messages

  2. whao this is crazy
    it seems like it all could be this too

  3. HN, The Nazi connection seems like just a bit of a stretch. Although, the Blackshirts, was the name of the paramilitary group Mussolini set up in Italy to support his Fascist regime. So who knows you might be on to something. I agree with your final verdict.

  4. that it happens to them? peacefully tile to my chemical romance they are a very brilliant band! that it has to do the damn hair of Gerard Way whereupon is a satanic song! And if it is a satanic song I I do not believe in that, please they are not pessimistic and they do not find the bad side him to everything!

  5. Keren, That was the least comprehensible response I’ve ever seen. I hope that English isn’t your first language and you’re using faulty translating software. Otherwise, I have to conclude that you’re bat shit crazy.

  6. It does seem like that yeah both of u are right but think about it this band never done anything about those things and it could be that that was an accident sorry english isnt my first language

  7. i don’t like this song at all but yeh i see ur point

  8. To answer the first original question “the patient” ties into the lyrics because he has just found out he is about to die of cancer and when your about to die they say you look back on your foundest memory.Well,it just so happens his foundest memory is his father taking him to see a marching band called “the black parade” and he wanted to join it when he grew up.The rest is just him remembering that his father wanted him to be the saviour of the broken,etc. etc. etc.

    And I don’ think you have to exactly watch their videos to get what they mean–you either get it or you don’t,but im MCRs case it does help.
    Basically they want you to interpret their meaning in a way but I’m sure it does’nt go as far as an omage to Hitler or anything,many of their songs have deep meanings and means something different and special to every indiviual.

    But I can asure the men of My Chem are nto plugging in any Nazi subliminal messages in their songs.

  9. actually, it would make more sense if you would see the music video. He is lying on his death bed, and thinking back to when his father took him to this marching band….and he asked him these powerful questions…..son when, you grow up, would you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?, etc… and the message is….death happens, but you can get over it…..”We’ll carry on”

  10. haha this was funny i

  11. i heard tht in the song cemetary drive theers a subliminal message when they’re whispering saying “dont do it”, “dont do it” like dont commit suicide

  12. ahhh. i think with the group he is songs is for her father. her dead when the are a kid and hittler you are crazy men

  13. i have no idea. the musi video is very confusing. whats with the masks?

  14. masks are trying to make it more “Scary” so u see that its death i think

  15. i love this sond but what the hell that doesnt make sense that cancer patient fits in the song,,,,,,,,,,,just in the video in the beginning…???

  16. the part where it says “son when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken the beaten and the damned-will you defeat them your deamons and all the non believers,the plans that they have made–
    because one day i leave you a phantom to lead you in the summer to join the black parade…”is what makes it sound like death–mostly because of the phantom part.and the”because one day ill leave you a phantom to lead you in the summer–”
    but yea whatever……idk

  17. i changed my name!!

  18. I agree that the masks are to make death look a little more scary cause until famous last words we dont actually hear that the patient isnt scared of what is going to happen to him, and whoever said a few posts up ‘her father’ maybe the lyrics ‘i could have been a better son’ tell you that the patient is a boy??

  19. Also theres the whole concept of death coming for you in the form of your fondest memory or at least something you are fond of, for the patient this is the black parade he saw when he was a child, so really the patient doesnt need to be mentioned in the song if you look at it as they are only singing about how death is coming and what its coming as

  20. you guys are taking it way to literaly! bands like my chemical romance do not throw things out into the public just to listen to without thinking! That is what hip-hop artists do. They are smart and expect listeners to be too! The song itself is not just about a cancer patient you have got it all wrong! The album in its entierity is about a cancer patient! this song is about the celebration of life! This is why this song is so upbeat! death is not always a sad thing. well sure it is sad for a while but you realize they where getting out of alot of pain. it is about a mans hapiest memory with his father and him being able to carry on even when knowing he is on his death bed! like carina said it means something different to everybody. but the band my chemical romance is not trying to get nazi thoughts into the public! and it defenitly has nothing to do with bush and the current war! that is just ridiculous! that is like blaming a rainy day on bush! grow up!

    i enjoy this band and i know the are exctremely nice guys and would never do something so horible! if they are so strongly objected to drugs then how does it make since that they are subliminaly sneeking nazi propaganda into america!

    this is ridiculous that you would even think this! i have been a listener to this band for a long time and have never once thought any nazi thoughts!i the album is a memorial of his grandmother who died of cancer, though through it all she was optimistic and loved her family! these acusations are fltout disrespectful! you guys need to learn some respect! and if you dont like a song that plays on the radio then get of your ass from replacing a floor or whatever and change the damn station it is that complicated! if you dont like a song then dont like it you dont need to take it any farther and say its nazi or anything else!

    GROW UP!!!!!

  21. Settle down Tommy boy, we’re just talking. I don’t think anyone (aside from the first commenter) seriously believes this song has Nazi subliminal messages. right?

    BTW, shouting “grow up”, like you just did is pretty much the same as shouting “I haven’t grown up”. It’s an immature way to close an arguement and cheapens everything else you wrote. Just my humble opinion.

  22. Black parade sounds kool 😀

  23. Joe, sorry to delete your “artwork” but this is not a forum. Bumping is unnecessary.

  24. I believe this song, as most well written songs, can be interpreted in the way your heart wants it to be. This makes a song more emo for your personal being. I’m a Christian and I’ve made this song into something that fits my choice of life style. Besides my last name is Black so it’s good stuff. I’m also in the US Military, and a strong supporter in the Bush Admin’s choice of going to IRAQ, so the host’s opinion is fine for me! Although, I did not even consider this until I saw his interpretation. Which seems to me, if you picked that out you must either be a part of the conflict, or you just hate Bush and our being in IRAQ. Maybe you’re Bushphobic? If you think it has something to do with Nazi’s maybe you think too much of Nazi’s. The thought never crossed my mind. Also I do agree with Tommy, they wrote the song to have perfect meaning for their circumstances, but they also made it so that other people could use this song for their circumstances. Which indeed makes them money =)

    That’s just my “humble opinion”.

  25. i think that the cancer patient fits pretty well into this song. i mean, its this guy who is dying of cancer and he remembers his dad taking him to a parade and telling him to grow up to be the savior of his people, which is kinda sad cause then the guy is about to die but he’ll just have to “carry on” if you will. i think mcr built this song to fit anyone, i mean, you can take it and apply it to your memory of dreams unfufilled, and how you carryed on. but, this album is a concept album and if you really want to get where the pateint is coming from, i sugest you listen to it (i would sugest that anyways)

  26. This song makes no sense. Please explain.

  27. One question: Why do we assume that the guy has cancer??

    Maybe he as just listened to too much rock music 😉

    or not enough!

    Either way- confusing lyrics, love the music- who gives a fuck

    keep rocking boys!

  28. It works like this – throughout the whole album, there has been a terminally ill patient that is lying on death bed. The whole is about the events leading to his death, people’s reactions to his near-death and his life before hand.

    By the time we get to Welcome to the Black Parade, the patient is moments from death. In this, he sees Death coming for him in the personification of a parade he visited as a child.

    The song aims not to show the horrible, gory side of death, but to celebrate it. Its about facing your death with no regrets so that you and others can carry on past it.

    It in no way has anything to do with Iraq. Its just about a dying guy. No Nazis, no Saddam, just a dead guy going out without regrets.

    Please, listen to the whole album before jumping to conclusions in future.

    “One question: Why do we assume that the guy has cancer??”
    – Mainly because of the song “cancer”

    “Updated: When I first pulled the lyrics, it indicated that they repeated the first 4 verses before launching into the up tempo part of the song. More careful listening reveals this to be inaccurate. ”
    – Actually, if you listen to the actual version, not the shortened radio one, you’ll know they do infact repeat the first four verses

  29. I think you all are crazy. This song is amazing, the chorus is perfect and the guitar and drums in the song sound great. Its a true masterpiece by My Chemical Romance, and plus until you go through cancer or truely know someone with cancer you wont get the meaning of the song.

  30. My first thought upon hearing this song was that it sounded a lot like the Finale of Les Miserables, at least, the end did. I’ve since heard that MCR was heavily influenced by Queen, which made me go, “Ohhhhh… that makes sense.”

    I have to admit that I think it’s very difficult to understand the intention of this song without listening to the entire album. I didn’t even like the album that much the first time I listened to it, but it has grown on me, and now it’s one of my current favorites. Screaming bits aside, I think MCR is quite talented, but probably intellectually aiming a little to high for today’s average listener.

    Kevin, I found your views to be unique and thought-provoking. I applaud you and hope you will continue to present your song de-construction blogs. (I’ve bookmarked you!)

  31. Thanks for the kind words Mazii, I’ll admit this song threw me because it’s part one of a “concept albums”, where one has to listen to the whole album to get the concept and fully understand the individual songs. In general I find the idea of a “concept album” to be pretty pretension but I haven’t listened to this album in full yet so I’ll reserve judgment. Thing is, I actually like this song.

    Glad you liked the other deconstructions. I don’t know when I’ll do another, as there aren’t any songs lodging themselves in my mind right now.

    BTW am I the only one having a hard time posting comments here right now?

  32. I Thought that this song was very powerful. To me, I felt like it was referring to death and carrying on with memories. We all want to belive that when we die we go somewhere like heaven. To be a leader and to focus on the best qualities of that person.

    I did not know the whole album was about a cander patient, or his grandmaother for that matter, so now I am interested in listening to it. I can see how each person could find their own meaning to the song as that is what we do with music. We choose to like or dislike a song because of how it makes us feel or what we believe it to mean.

  33. I always thought it was about his father dying, and telling him to carry on without him. The verse goes, “because one day, I’ll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade.” That strikes me as a visual of a funeral procession, with his father “leading” the “parade” in the hearse.

    I’m a U.S. Marine, and I didn’t see any Iraq propaganda in this song, nor did I see any Nazi influence. I agree with Black. This album is meant to be interpreted by the listener. Uniquely. And I didn’t see the video before I bought the album.

  34. I agree with Fugazibaka, a father dying asking his son to carry on the good fight that the father had done before. The Black parade is known largely throughout the world as a Funeral procession (is in my Country UK) So is the Father showing him one ?

    No hint of Nazism what so ever and for Hitlers Father showing him a Parade and relating things to Future Nazism … well that was way before WW1 and Nazism was’nt even born or heard of then (The Kaiser certainly was’nt a Nazi) and neither was Hitlers father and nor were the Germanic population.

  35. Today’s musical groups could spew out hours of meaningless, uncohesive drivel, and fanboys would still crop up and beat the rest of us over the head with how “meaningful” and/or “open to interpretation” said drivel was.

    I guess that’s what already happens, though.

    But I’m curious. At the end of this song there are several stanzas starting with “Do or die, you’ll never make me”. What song did that tune originally appear in? I know I’ve heard it before but I don’t remember where …

  36. Alright. The Black Parade AS A CD was about a cancer patient.
    Welcome to the Black Parade was a part of the CD’s story. This part being Gerard Way’s belief that death comes to you as the form of your strongest memory. “When I was a young boy, my father to me into the city to see a marching band” Yeah, the cancer patient’s strongest memory was of when his father took him to see a parade when he was little.
    So maybe you should do REAL research about a song before you go discrediting it, instead of listening to People magazine or whoever’s ass you pulled this crap from.

  37. Phoenix, May I recommend you read what I’ve actually written rather than just the excerpt shown on whatever search engine you used to find this page. Also, I pulled this crap from my own ass, thank you very much.

  38. Nazism?

    Yea, just a bit. I think of the song as a corrupt government that someone is taking down, no matter the odds. But my point is, that’s my interpretation, and the song could be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the mind of the person, although i do see why some people believe in the Nazi Propaganda.

  39. “i have no idea. the musi video is very confusing. whats with the masks?

    Comment by shelbyy — January 6, 2007 @ 4:45 pm”

    I always viewed this as about these kids in the parade who had killed themselves, who had made a big mistake – Gerard Way (also referring to the song “Teenagers”

  40. I agree with Kevin. I swore I never would after reading the deconstruction of “Hate Me” flaming Blue October, but once more, I do agree. This song is brilliant, along with the rest of the concept album, but, except for the song called “Cancer”, I don’t see how a cancer patient is even involved.

  41. from what I hear it’s about his father who died….. people read way too much into things…. seems like most of his songs are a tribute to his mother and father who have passed away…. atleast that’s what I’ve heard

  42. ok, u didnt even get the lyrics right! “and though you dont believe me your memmory will cary on…?”
    no!!!! its “and though your dead and gone believe me, your memmory will cary on!!!!!!!”
    sheesh! if u r gonna talk trash about the song u should at least know the words!!!!
    my chemical romance is awsome! and that person under me saying that gerard had black hair and for the video it is short and blonde, ya! so wut? cant a person change there hair w/o a person thinking they r nazzi?

  43. ok, u didnt even get the lyrics right! “and though you dont believe me your memmory will cary on…?”
    no!!!! its “and though your dead and gone believe me, your memmory will cary on!!!!!!!”
    sheesh! if u r gonna talk trash about the song u should at least know the words!!!!
    my chemical romance is awsome! and that person under me saying that gerard had black hair and for the video it is short and blonde, ya! so wut? cant a person change there hair w/o a person thinking they r nazzi?

  44. ok ok what it is, ther sayin wat happens wen u die, he’s dyin at a tragically young age and remembers his father takin him 2 a parade as a young boy, when the walls fall down he’s dead and the parade thats coming towards him is where he goes wen he’s dead and the band playin (MCR) r kinda tellin him he’s dead, the patient goes on a journey to meet new ppl nd hear ther stories.
    it’s somin like tht Gerard way sed thts wat it meant on MTV 2 makin the video! amazin song! who ever posted anythin different bout wat it means is NOT a true MCR fan!!!!!!!! >:-( mcr make the best music!

  45. Fizz, there’s more to life than being a “true fan” of anything. That said I actually do like MCR and even this song. Just thought it sent mixed messeges. Of course, since you had the good sense, not to mention class, to dress up in pirate regalea on your MySpace page your comments will always be welcome here.

  46. Alright first of all, just because the message isn’t spelled out for you doesn’t make it a bad message. Maybe they just wrote the song and don’t care if you understand it or not. Don’t be afraid to like something because it is different then all the talentless uninspired music played on the radio. Maybe you would have to listen to the whole album to understand that one song. You know some ARTISTS actually approach an album like ART. They carefully put songs together in the right order and use just the right lyrics so that the WHOLE album holds the message…unlike everybody else making a bunch of meaningless catchy songs, throwing them on an album and trying to get paid. “Bla bla bla they don’t say cancer patient anywhere bla bla bla bla so that means everything is about Bush and Iraq even though they don’t say that either.”

  47. Shorter TP, “I am a pretentious asshole”. Seriously, I’m very glad that you’ve found an aspect of your life, your MCR fandom, that allows you to feel superior to others. However, you might want to consider independent thought once in a while. “what is the artist trying to say and does it make sense to me?” are valid questions to ask. Your perspective, as the observer, is just as important in appreciating art as the perspective of it’s creator.

  48. Hi
    I feel they are very overated
    Geoff UK

  49. I googled the meaning of this song and came across this site. Not that the meaning has been cleared up by any means but there are some very interesting points of thought to read about this song. I did not think of cancer, Hitler, or Bush when I heard this song I actually thought of suicide. Not commiting it but a song about somebody who did. Guess that is way off for sure but did anybody else think he was calling God a women when he says “sometimes I get the feeling that she’s watching over me”? Again could be way off but as I’ve learned over the years that songs might be meant for the masses but they always become personal and take on significant meaning to individuals…which leaves me wondering why I wanted to know the meaning of the song anyway…

  50. Surprised no one mentioned anything about the the implications of Jesus and his Father – to be the savior of the broken hearted etc. – and to be left alone to be crucified and die without God (whether he or she), only to return, your memory carries on, despite all the non believers.

    I’m Christian though not a fanatic, just curious if anyone else had this same response at first when hearing the early verses?

  51. I think we tend to filter this song through what we know. For me, coming from a background of growing up in church, I didn’t filter it through such a hateful light, I would say. I saw it as a child on his deathbed, yes, but from the sounds of other MCR songs, it seems they are more “liberal” than “conservative”, so I wouldn’t put them with Al-Queda or any other “conservative” group. I would say that it could be interpreted as a father letting his son meet the disposessed, the depressed, and the sad, the Black Parade. Then he asks him if he will save them. Then he says he will leave a phantom. If they toured with Christian bands, they might be referring to the Christian story of Christ coming, leading people to the poor and the sad, telling them to join them, and then leaving God’s spirit to guide people in that endeavor.

    Carrying on has nothing to do with the military. It’s more of a slap in the face of the military, saying that while the military carries on with killing, he will carry on with being with those in pain. And “we” will carry on through all of the pain from killing. And yes, widows marching, but not to kill. They are marching just to live.

    Remember, he is saying “Your decimated dreams”. Who has been decimated recently? Anyone remember Shock and Awe? I think he’s talking about people who have been killed by our warfare.

    And the she’s watching over me, yeah, I think that’s God too, like he’s about to die, but maybe he wants to die but can’t decide if he should let his body go.

    give me a shoutout if you agree or disagree. I’ve been interested in discussing this song for a long time.

  52. THIS IS GAY! O.K.

    I am sorry but bands like MCR do not have a humble meaning to there songs I am very sorry but I highly doubt that they can make such a HUMBLE statement like the cancer thing

    either they got high and randomly made up shit and then made up a dumbass meaning or its sad as hell death filled and freaky and does have a meaning but you guys are WAY WAY off but I doubt this highly

    I am sorry too hert the feelings of people who like MCR but only people like Bob Dylon could actually have meanings its just FUCKING CREAPY

    and reminds me WAY WAY too much of getting beat upside the head with a baseball bat at some druggies house getting tied up locked in a closet with rats nibbling on my FUCKING nose because I didnt smoke pot or sumthing LOL but serriously you guys are idiots for thinking MCR has meanings too there songs… infact its kinda funny

    I am sorry but this is my (not so humble opinion)

  53. actually this song is about a man waking up from a coma and the only thing he remembers is when he was young and his father took him to see a marching band

    =-l pretty straight foward

    • Well not really it’s about the cancer patient dieing and the way “death comes for him” is his “strongest memory” is this parade

  54. Becasue so much of the music on that cd is dark, i’m looking for the bad in this song. But on the service, it looks like guy, Gerard or some other fictional guy, talking talking about his Dad, who’s about to die, maybe from cancer, but dieing regardless. He says his Dad took him to this parade etc and wants his son to carry on a good fight in his name/memory. I’m then looking for his son/Gerard/some fictional guy, to say fu Dad, I ain’t that kind of guy, but he says fu to everyone else. I’m gonna do this for my father’s memory. Regardless what people think of me, not to be a hero, but to keep his memory alive through his actions. that’s my take.
    Who knows though, maybe it is that nazi, 9/11 thing.

  55. Isn’t “The black Parade” A place emos believe you go when you die? MCR are not sending bad msgs out. But, if you don’t like them live with it. I doubt they give a damn what you think 🙂

    • No tbp is NOT a place “emos” believe they go when they die and mcr is not emo, so pleasse don’t stereotype

  56. very overplayed song. i agree. but the song is one part of an album often called a rock-opera. its actually one big long story about a cancer patient. first two tracks he finds out about the cancer and that he’s going to die. by the time you reach track 5- the black parade hes actually just remeniscient of his father im not going to actually go into it but its just like any opera where you need to see or hear it a few times to understand it. good stuff though

  57. You guys are all correct. Well to some degree. Hitler was an artist and used design to capture Germany’s attention. Hitler used television and loud speakers playing Wagner while parading the military down the streets.

    The comparison between Hitler’s art and WTBP is that the song isn’t Wagnerian but more like Pachebel’s Cannon in D major, a song which people usually parade down an isle before they get married. Where Wagner’s music is ominous and translated by the WB in looney tunes as “kill the wabbitt, KILL the WABBITT”.

    Hitler was influenced by Nietzsche who wrote “the antichrist” and criticized Christianity and explained how one can take over germany. Nietzsche also wrote about fatalism, a non religious stance based on science and the denial of free will. Nietzsche’s criticism of fatalism is that fatalists were too depressed and they must get excited about life and death. Nietzsche wasn’t antisemetic, but hitler used Wagner’s antisemetism which doubled as a sacrificial motivating force. Philosophically, WTBP is fatalistic because the memory of the dead carries on in the living in contrast to the idea of meeting someone in a religious after-life.

    Is WTBP about the Iraq War? Maybe the iraq war is about “freedom” leaving many people to wonder what freedom is.

    The video to WTBP starts in a tent which is used in areas where pandemics are because hospitals cannot treat the masses. A particular influenza pandemic in 1918 killed 20 million people world wide and almost 700,000 in the US. THe dead were typically between the age of 20-40. The patient in the WTBP video did not look like the person I saw who died of cancer.

    The person I saw die of pancreatic cancer had edema in her hands and feet and the rest of her body was wrinkled skin draped over bone. Her eyes were concaved and the lenses seemed to be coming off. When asked if she could see, she said “no”. She smelled of rotting flesh and various other sour smells. She also oozed orange liquid and refused to eat. She was 5’4″ and may have weighed 55 pounds. She was able to talk and recognize me by my voice. She even caught me staring at her through a gap in her door from outside the room possibly hearing my footsteps or breath. I am very ninja-like so her attention to hearing may have been hieghtened by the loss of sight. She maintained a sense of humor and was still capable of laughter but would cause her to choke and grimmace in pain.

    Ahh cancer… Her memory lives on in the words i have typed.

    In conclusion, the purpose of MCR’s music is to help people cope with life and death.

  58. Jared, it sounds like you lost someone very important to you. It also sounds like you found some measure of comfort in this song which is ultimately more important than my meaningless ramblings at the top of this post.

  59. This song reminds me of Hamlet. Is that wierd? I’m probably just wierd.

  60. For starters uve obv avent heard any my chem songs welcome to the black parade is bout the paient dying from cancer n death cums 4 him as in form of a black parade if u fink im lying read mcrs book the inside story just leave mcr alrite thanks mcr fan x

  61. I sincerely hope that English is not your first language.

  62. Ok look dude the black parade album is a CONCEPT album. It’s centered around the cancer patient. F*** bush and his subliminal crap bc tbp is true heartfelt music and they wrote this song to sum up the point of tbp album and before you or anyone else. Say crap about Nazi mssge or whatever… DO SOME FREAKIN RESEARCH!!!! …..long live the black parade

  63. I realized I’m not finished….
    Before you go pointing fingers and crap.. Listen to some of their other songs from tbp and maybe(if yur not an idiot) you’d realize that the purpose is to I guess help listeners deal with loss of loved ones and the song is obviously about a cancer patient, so don’t even go there!!! It really gets under my skin when people make assumptions on what mcr’s music is based on. Mcr saved my life and many others. So get over yourself:P

    “”WE’LL CARRY ON!!!!””

    • Wow Tanis you go girl but its hard to belive just two days before you died that you were on this stupid website…I miss you Tanis!I wish I could have saved you. Love yew chick RIP.

      • Damn, assuming that’s the same Tanis who passed away on Wednesday, I’m glad I didn’t post something snotty in response. RIP.

  64. i love tanis! she was a HUGE fan of mcr she loved my mcr sweater and we talked the whole class in ecomics.i love her to death i miss her so much.i cant stop crying cus she has made an empact on so sorry for her family.her funeral is sunday.she was beautiful inside and out.r.i.p tanis ❤
    i love you sweetie.

  65. The lead singer of this band specifically outlined on fuse that the song is about a cancer patient near death. Gerard, the lead singer, believes that death comes in any form you choose, and because this man has the memory of his father taking him to a parade, he chose this form. If you listen to the entire album the meaning becomes more clear. It’s a concept album that sort of follows the live of this person dying from cancer.

  66. Hm, saw all this.. It’s originally about a cancer patient. But if you watch the video (You’ll understand a bit more) They’re all wearing gas masks. I also think that saying that a song has SUBLIMINAL MILITARY RECRUITMENT MESSAGES is an insult to the song and the military.

    “Your misery and hate will kill us all” Anyone else think there’s more than 2 message in this song?

  67. Everyone who is linking this with the Nazi’s and all of that other shit! Do some research! It is about the ‘Cancer Patient’ and has nothing to do with Hitler! and to everyone who thinks MCR are emo! They are NOT!!! Its has nothing to do with the colour of Gerard Way’s hair or the outfits they wear! They are people doing what they love to do! Making music and making a difference! They have saved millions of lives and I think it is an outrage that they get treated with so much crap!!! Listen to more of their songs and it will all make more sence! I with people were less judgemental of just one song or what a band wears because they are a lot more than that!

    Long Live the MCRmy!!!!

  68. First off, I see how you got so confused, I hope this helps.
    Their album, titled The Black Parade, is about the life of the patient who is dying of cancer during world war II. In the video, the beginning is about what the patients father said to him when he took him to see a parade when he was younger. Its rumored death comes to you in the form of your favorite memory to lead you to heaven, so it comes as the parade he saw when he was a child, only more foreboding and creepy. In the video he dies, and TBP is singing about even though hes dead he will be remembered by his legacy he left, hinted by the chorus; “And though your dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on.” If you have any further questions, ill happily answer them.

  69. Can I ask a question? Is May Parade rock band related to chemical romance?

  70. I can see where u draw it from, but honestly I’ve always seen it as a song about Jesus and a dying god (his father) leaving him to save us…

    I’m not a religious person. But go back and listen to this song white the idea that god sacrificed his only begotten son because he himself was dying.

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