Posted by: Kevin | October 24, 2006

The Death of a Strawman: North Korea Nuclear Test


 My work schedule relaxed a bit so I can finally start clearing out the backlog of stuff I saved as drafts.  This first one is a good example of why a little time can be a good thing. 

On October 8th North Korea conducted a (mostly unsuccessful) nuclear test.  I started writing with the expectation that there would be plenty of idiots in the right side of the blogosphere screaming “Lets bomb them!”  The argument against bombing them is laid out here.  It’s a review of the Korean People’s Army by  To sum it up, bombing North Korea is strongly correlated with Seoul becoming a shattered ruin.

So in coming back to this post I looked for all the examples of screaming idiots.  Instead I found this and this and many others which I’m too lazy to link too.  People I’m trying to summon up righteous indignation here!  I’m trying to lay bare the emptiness of your reasoning and deliver a crushing blow with my massive intellect!  Why are you destroying my strawman?!?

This is the curse of being open minded and actually researching what I want to write.  I went looking for right wingnuts to roast and instead I found myself nodding my head and recognizing that these people were making valid points.  The constant refrain of “it’s all Clinton’s fault!” was tiresome but I’ve learned to tune that out.  So kudos to all of you rational right-wingers out there.  I still hate Bush and fault you for choosing him over McCain in 2000, but other than that you aren’t so bad.

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